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To paraphrase what Amy Carlberg wrote in Bust Magazine, Chloe Temtchine, with supermodel looks, intoxicating sex appeal, and a sultry, soulful voice, would not look out of place on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, with the possible exception of the breathing tubes that she must use, even while performing.  


On March 4, 2013, Temtchine, 30, was rushed to the emergency room due to congestive right-heart failure. After having been misdiagnosed for five years by some of the most respected and acclaimed medical practitioners and institutions in NYC, she was finally diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension (PH).


On March 29, 2014, just over a year after being handed a devastating diagnosis, Chloe debuted her new song, “Be Brave,” to a sold-out crowd. The song is about making the choice to live. But, it’s more than words. It’s a lifestyle.



"Be Brave" is available on iTunes, and has since been adopted by the PH community as their anthem.



“The title of the song reminds us of the splendid courage it takes to live day to day with a disease or a disability. The song is twangy and energetic, and springboards off the bluegrass and banjo-laden sounds that have been ruling the pop charts. Chloe Temtchine is a role model for all women, but especially those with severe illnesses, showing that it's still possible to go after the life you love.” - Amy Carlberg, BUST MAGAZINE

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